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20 May 2015
Fosters Uniform Sales
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15 May 2015
A Summer's Evening of Song - Thursday 25th June
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13 May 2015
Year 11 into Year 12 Induction Days
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05 May 2015
Post 6th Form Information Evening: Thursday 11th June 2015 at 6pm
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29 Apr 2015
11+ Familiarisation Classes - (only for those with places already confirmed)
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24 Apr 2015
Zombie Survival Event - Friday 3rd July 7-9.30pm
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26 Mar 2015
Certificate Tea for ex students - Friday 19th June
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Students from this school made the news for real on 19th March 2015 as they took part in BBC News School Report.

Take a look at their report below. 


BBC School Report 19th March 2015
BBC School Report 27th March 2014

Behind the scenes with Radio 4's
Any Questions?

BBC 2013 from SHSG Productions on Vimeo.

Watch our 2013 News day bulletin

Which is best - the 1980s or today?

With the help of producers from the BBC, School Reporters investigate whether life is better for teenagers today, or back in the 1980s?

By Leila, Ola and Alice

Schools Welcome News that GCSEs will continue

By Leila, Ola, Alice and Emma.

Happy 99th Birthday SHSG!

Molly and Jenna investigate School Birthday traditions,
including the very important Birthday cakes.


GCSEs to be scrapped

The Department of Education has announced GCSEs are to be replaced with a new EBACC qualification.

Leila and Ola investigate what this means for pupils.................

GCSE results day

Sophie and Freya, Year 11, speak to BBC Radio 4 and explain what it feels like
to collect their GCSE results.

Olympic torch relay arrives in Southend

School reporters interview torch bearer Leah, and
explain what the atmosphere is like
waiting for the torch to arrive.

Jessica sings for the Queen's Jubilee

Year 7 pupil Jessica gets ready to perform at St.
Pauls Cathedral for the Diamond Jubilee.

News Day

School Reporters talk to BBC Essex about
what they enjoyed on News day.

News Day Bulletin

School Reporters from SHSG made the news on 15th March 2012.


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